Buying Guide for a Punching Bag

Fitness / Saturday, March 10th, 2018

Boxing punch bags come in different colours, materials, and sizes. The heavier ones are meant for providing the much-needed resistance. Your workout will be more difficult if you happen to choose a heavier bag. You should Boxsack kaufen that meets all your needs.

Both the intensity and fitness levels should also be considered when choosing a punching bag. Safety is another key factor. Heavy punching bags should be secured safely to stable beams of floor stands. This will prevent you from falling during your workout. Outlined here below are the main factors that need to be considered when choosing your boxing punching bag.

punching bag

The weight of the bag determines light speed and precisions. Light bags are helpful in improving speed and precision. Their weight ranges from 25-40 pounds. The 40 pounds bags are ideal for light hitters. Heavy bags are used for resistance training. The weight of the bag should be approximately half that of your body. The height the 2.5-foot punching bags and inflatable punching bags are meant for the young children. 3 and 2.5-foot punching n-bags are suitable for beginners especially women. There is another 4-foot versatile bag that is ideal for both men and women. The bigger bags are known for providing a high resistance.


Light bags swing more than heavier ones. They do not sway too much when hit. Bags that swing too much should be avoided. They can hinder your ability to practice punches and landing kicks. 70-pound bags are ideal for those men who punch harder. Heavy hitters should choose products that weigh about 100 pounds. Some of these products are filled with a liquid such as water. The weight of the boxers determines the amount of water.

Other bags

Users are advised to choose standing bags whenever they are practising kicking. Some of them are made using foam to lower their base. This is meant to protect users’ feet from being hurt when they kick them. The other part of these bags is either filled with sand or water. Other products that are ideal for workouts include jumbo bags. Two or more people can hit them at once. They are wider than the regular bags.gym

Different styles

They come in different shapes and sizes. You should choose or select the right product that suits your training. Sped bags are helpful in building up the rhythm when someone is training. They are specially designed to target the upper body. They are great for hitting the arms and shoulders.