Why the Use of Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests is on the Rise

Drug Abuse

Urine is the most common specimen used for drug testing. Drug testing is vital during both pre-employment and during employment. Thus individuals who use synthetic urine can beat drug testing.

Illicit drugs users continually look for ways to avoid been detected. The use of fake urine is one of these ways.

Although using fake urine can have severe consequences, most people still used these products to pass a drug test. A good example high quality products that you can use to beat a drug test include Quick Fix 6.2 and Clear Choice Sub-solution kits. If you take a close look at sub-solution synthetic urine, you will realize that this product resembles real pee and has stellar reviews from users. It requires gust to submit artificial urine for drug tests, if discovered you may end up losing your job as well as been jailed. But most individuals using drugs find this as the easiest way to pass drug tests.

Testing Lab vs. Synthetic Urine Manufacturers

Since testing laboratories are always at the forefront to detect fake urine, the artificial urine manufacturers, on the other hand, work day and night to protect their business. They stay much ahead of the testing laboratories to escape drug use detection. They periodically change their formulas and ingredients to assist drug users in passing drug tests.

Why the Use of Synthetic Urine is on the Rise

lab test equipmentLack of legislation baring people from using fake urine for drug tests is one of the main reasons why the practice continues to gain popularity. For example, in Canada, there’s no law prohibiting the use or sale of synthetic urine. On the contrary, in the US, over 18 states have passed banning the use and sale of artificial urine. These laws have been developed due to the increased complaints by employers on the use of synthetic urine by their employees to pass drug tests.

In many places, you can easily buy urine brands that can’t be detected online, in truck shops or convenience stores. The increased availability of these products is also another reason behind the increased popularity of these kits.

No one can stand losing their job due to a drug test; that’s why most individuals who use drugs will do all they can, including using fake urine to pass drug tests. Whether the test will be done by your employer, doctor, or the criminal justice systems, individual always try to find ways of beating the system by using artificial urine.

If one risk losing their job, business, or children, they’ll do anything to pass the drug tests. These high stakes are the primary motivation that leads individuals to use synthetic urine for drug tests. Individuals use these products to beat the consequences that may result if they are discovered to be using drugs by the probation offices or their employers; this is the main motivation why people use synthetic urine.…


Guidelines for treating alcoholism and preventing a relapse

Drug Abuse

People give different explanations as to why we should avoid treating alcoholism. If you drink for fun or just to get drunk, you need to look into alcoholism. You will get an idea of where you are taking yourself. Good news is that there are proven ways to treat alcoholism. It gets better because there is no specific way to treat it but it can be treated. Now, alcoholism is not like malaria where a specific medication works for everyone. It is an individual journey. It can take months for one person and decades for the other. There are several methods which have been proven to give results but whichever path you chose to follow it has its pros and cons. It is therefore important to understand yourself and your current situation. You must as well consider the best methods that will prevent a relapse. Below are guidelines on how to treat alcoholism.

Admit it

drunkThis is the first step. Admit that you are an alcoholic. It might sound simple, but you will never heal if you do not accept the fact. It does not matter where and why you drink. If for example, you drink in situations where it’s socially wrong, ask yourself questions about it. Accept and own your situation. Ownership is among the life concepts that go a long way with situations like alcoholism.

Find a method that works best for you

You might have done research here and there and came across different methods to quit. Some methods work for others while they might not work for you and vice versa. Remember we earlier said that it is an individual journey. Research widely and go for the method that fills right for you. In many cases, relapses occur because you are following a procedure you are not comfortable with.

Seek support

influenceIf you get a relapse, support is very important. Close support does not always come from family and relatives; the truth is they in most cases are not the best support you can get. You will be lucky if your family supports you in the journey. Keep away from friends or family who influence you to take a bottle or two. Well, I am not saying that you should stop associating with them, but you can decide to limit the amount of time spent together. Stay away from environments that tempt you to take alcohol.…